XML and single sourcing

Optimize the reuse of content and allow for multiple publication formats in any language. 

Etteplan employs the single source publishing method in technical documentation, which allows the same source content to be (re)used across different media formats, such as PDF and HTML. In other words: create content once, and reuse it everywhere.

This saves a lot of time in editing, but also reduces the potential for error, as corrections will only need to be done once in the source file. The user benefits from consistency in content, and due to shorter texts the translation can decrease considerably. When combined with Simplified Technical English, there will be additional cost savings in translations and improved user experience, as a quality standard controls the (English) source.

Single sourcing

Single sourcing provides end users with interactive information on their mobile devices, making it much easier to find information and learn how a product is working or troubleshoot a maintenance issue. This will improve the user experience, and the downtime of a product can be significantly reduced.

Single sourcing is possible when using XML to create and manage content. Etteplan can help with any industry standard or specification, such as DITA and S1000D, to structure your content.

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Black & Decker Tooling

Black & Decker is a global marketer and manufacturer of quality products used in and around the home and publishes approx. 100 new manuals each year in up to 24 languages.

Etteplan created all Black & Decker manuals applying XML structure to minimize translation cost and time-to-market while optimizing consistency and facilitating version management. As a result, the amount of re-use has been 90% or better, which resulted in cost savings of up to 90% on translations. Furthermore, the time to market was decreased by 80%.

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